Carolina Crossing North Homeowners Association, Inc.

HOA Information and Welcome Letter

Dear Homeowner,

Prior to purchasing your home, you should have been informed of the existence of Carolina Crossing North Homeowners Association and its many fine features.  The Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee would like to provide you more information about the Association's rules and regulations, outside services provided by agencies, utilities and phone numbers for your convenience.

Homeowners in Carolina Crossing North want to make it a better place to live and enhance long term property values.  In order to do this, everyone must comply with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR'S) which were provided at the time of closing on your home.  Because most violations occur as a result of insufficient or misinformation, the following information is also addressed to help clarify the requirements.  If you have any questions, please call the Association Office at (210) 829- 7202.

Carolina Crossing North Homeowners Association (CCNHOA) is a non-profit organization.  The Association owns and maintains the common properties and facilities.  The common properties and facilities include, but are not limited to, public right-of-way or easements, entry monument, landscaping, sprinkler systems, street lights and improvements.

Every Homeowner is an automatic member and shares a portion of the responsibility for it's support and will pay mandatory assessments.  Assessments are billed in advance on a quarterly basis. For the current annual assessments, contact at 210-829-7202.

210-829-7202.   3424 Paesanos Parkway, Suite 100 | San Antonio, TX 78231. Hours of operation are:  Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p. m. to 5:00 p.m. Web-site:

Responsibilities are to represent the Association in providing for the physical maintenance and operation of the common facilities as well as administer the services of all contractors providing services for the Association. If you need to report an item, request service to community property, report a DCCR violation or have any questions,

Additional responsibilities include collecting assessments, making disbursements, establishing the budgets, keeping financial records and to maintain all administrative records of the Association.  The Association has other responsibilities as well, such as enforcing regulations and assisting in architectural control.(all CCN Association Forms are available at

Building & Improvements Approval:
Any exterior improvements to your home must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before work can be started. It is the builder/owner's responsibility to submit plans for construction of improvements to the ACC  for approval. Plans must be approved before construction is to start. A blank submission form is attached for your convenience. (ACC Improvement form)

"Improvement" is defined as any addition or change to the existing property.  Everything is covered from additions to homes, sidewalks, fences, (no chain link unless located entirely behind a six foot high wood fence),  burglar bars, landscaping, pools, patios, decks, flagpoles, basketball board (must be behind building setback),  athletic equipment, radio/TV antennae, satellite dishes, (no higher or wider than 12' and must be concealed from the street in front of the Lot),  backyard sheds, gazebos, exterior colors to home, changing of windows, etc. 

Please submit a site drawing (showing lot, existing house and any additions, intended placement on site, list of materials, colors, screening, etc.) to the Association office.

Newspaper Delivery:
Delivery of The Herald is available by calling 658-7424. The San Antonio Express News can be arranged by calling (210) 250-2000.

Garbage Services:
Garbage is picked up on Tuesday and Friday.  Trash cans and bags are to be placed on curb side ONLY ON THE DAY of pick up.  Please do not leave trash or grass/leaf bags/cans on the curb before pickup; they must be stored out of sight, or in a screened area so they are not visible from any street or adjoining property.  Firewood, building materials, equipment, etc. must also be stored in this manner. Call 658-7477 when water deposit is paid and it automatically sets you up for trash services.

Mail Delivery:
Delivery is made Monday through Saturday and deposited in mail boxes located near your home. Boxes are assigned by the Post Office.  The Schertz Post Office, located at 417 Main street, please call 1-800-275-8777, they serve Carolina Crossing North.  The zip code is 78154.

Utilities & Other Services:
City of Schertz -
City of Cibolo -
City of Schertz provides water and sewer service - 658-7065 
Guadalupe Valley Electrical Coop provides electricity - 658-7033 -
Southwestern Bell provides telephone service- (800) 464-7928 -
Time Warner provides cable service - 244-0500 -

Carolina Crossing North is located in the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District. Please contact the District Information line for specific campus information at 945-6200, or you may use the Public Information line at 945-6208.


Fire Protection:
Firefighting service is provided by the Schertz Fire Department- 659-9062.
To report a fire call - 658-5321.

Schertz Police Department provides public law enforcement service to Carolina Crossing North.  That office can be contacted by calling  658-5321.

Emergency service, 911, is provided by the City of Schertz. 

Street  Lights:
City of Schertz maintains the street lights.  If you notice a light out, please report it to the Association office, 829-7202.

House Numbers:
In order for your guests, emergency vehicles and delivery drivers to easily locate your home, please make sure your house number is prominently displayed on your house.

Speed Limits and Traffic Signs:
The streets are private and belong to the Association. Traffic, pedestrian control,  and speed limit signs are installed, and also maintained by the Association.  Please be careful of children in the streets.  Be careful and observant of the traffic rules in Carolina Crossing North. Please help by asking all family members to comply with the posted speed limits and the STOP signs.

All household pets at all times, except when they are confined within the boundaries of a private single-family residence, shall be restrained or controlled by a leash, rope or similar restraint. Please do not let your pets run loose.  No one wants their landscaping damaged or wants to clean up after someone else's pet.

Welcome to the Carolina Crossing North Community!
lf we can provide any additional information please feel free to call the Association office at:
(210) 829-7202 or at  

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